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Meet our specials

Meet some of our Special Constables and Citizen in Policing
find out more about why they volunteer with the force.

Special Sergeant Libby Lionetti

Recruitment-LibbyLionetti-2017Special Sergeant Libby Lionetti received a Lord-Lieutenant’s Certificate of Meritorious Service this year. Libby has been a Special Constable for 15 years and volunteers around 35 hours a month alongside running his own successful business. For the past four years, he has also volunteered with the force’s volunteer Police Cadets, helping to guide them through their two-year programme.

"Sometimes we hear people saying things like ‘what they should do is this… why aren’t they doing that?’ Well I’m someone who’s done it! I’m just a member of the public who has had a chance to make a difference, and my message to those people would be to come and join us and see what we do." Read more from S/Sgt Lionetti.


Special Constable Natalie Chimes and Special Constable Andrea Armstrong

Recruitment-ChimesArmstrong-2017SC Chimes and SC Armstrong volunteer in our Roads Policing Unit (RPU). In December, a  busy time for the RPU, they wrote a blog about their roles in the unit.

“As a Special I will always be crewed with a regular officer. When we first arrive at the scene of an accident, it’s chaos. I will usually help control the traffic and find any witnesses and take their details.

“If there is only one officer on the scene of an incident there is only so much they can do. With two, things get done quicker so we can re-open the road and get the public on their way. That’s why I joined the Specials; because I wanted to help the Police and the public.” Read more from SC Chimes and SC Armstrong.


Special Constable Martin White

Recruitment-MartinWhite-2017SC White joined the Specials in 2009, and contributes around 60 hours a month to the force, and in August blogged about a busy day on duty, which included a stray swan, and a hostage situation.

“We arrive seconds after a regular officer, who is talking to a chap with a knife at the entrance to a building. The force control room calls me to give an assessment of the location and situation over the radio so I can prepare the firearms officers before they arrive. Fortunately the regular officer manages to talk the hostage taker into a position where an arrest can take place.” Read more from SC White.


Special Constable Tracy Lawrence

Recruitment-TraceyLawrence-2017SC Lawrence joined the Special Constabulary two years ago. In October she blogged about why she decided to join, and the kinds of things that she has been involved with.

“I had been looking for a new challenge and having had a long interest in the police and a strong belief that we all need to ‘give something back’ to our community if we want it to improve; becoming a Special seemed like the perfect thing to do.

“The personal growth through a role like this is phenomenal, the skills and confidence I have built during my training and on duty transfers to all aspects of my life.” Read more from SC Lawrence.


Special Constable John Power (and Police Dog Charlie)

Recruitment-JohnPower-2017SC Power is the UK's first Special Dog Handler, after completing training with Police Dog Charlie who is a fully licenced proactive explosive search dog. 

“It’s an honour to be the UK’s first Special Constable dog handler. I think it’s great that, as a volunteer, I am able to specialise in this area. Being a Special is my way of giving something back to my community and I hope I can inspire others to do the same.” 


Special Constable Barry Hayward

Recruitment-BarryHayward-2017SC Hayward has been with the Special Constabulary for six years. During that time he’s   been involved in a variety of things, but wrote a blog for us about one of the things he has most enjoyed; being ‘bronze command’ at Ampthill Festival.

“Later in the evening (…) we had a report from security who suspected a group were dealing drugs in the arena. We attended straight away and carried out a search. We found a claw hammer under the group’s picnic blanket and a male admitted having a cannabis grinder. He was arrested. Read more from SC Hayward.


Special Chief Inspector Ian Chilvers

Recruitment-IanChilvers-2017SC Chilvers joined the Specials in 2005, and is now the area lead for a team of Specials covering central Bedfordshire. He blogged for us during National Volunteers Week.

“I was worried that as a Special Constable I would be seen as a ‘hobby bobby’, but in all my years of service that has never been the case. I have always been treated as an equal. I realised that I wasn’t just joining an organisation, I was joining a family team that is passionate about helping the local community and making a difference.” Read more from SC Chilvers.

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