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Employer Supported Policing

Employer Supported Policing (ESP) is a national initiative, providing local businesses with the opportunity to forge closer links with their police force.

It is designed to enable employers to support their staff to become volunteer police officers, also known as Special Constables. The initiative also allows Bedfordshire Police to learn about local issues which matter to you and your business, and offers huge benefits in terms of staff development.

By supporting your employees to become Special Constables, they will benefit from police training and experience, equipping them with transferable skills which can be used in the workplace, and which will help their personal and professional development.

As a Special Constable, your employees will develop enhanced skills such as:

  • decision-making
  • conflict resolution
  • negotiation
  • problem solving

Bedfordshire Police also supports the programme, and offers employees eight hours a month of paid leave to carry out their duties with the Special Constabulary so they only need to find another eight hours of their own time to complete the minimum 16 hours a month.

Six businesses - BPHA, Bedford Borough Council, Elster Water Metering, Venture Residential, Blue Arrow and The Mall in Luton - have already pledged their support… will you be next?

To find out more, e-mail Suzie Carr or Wendy Bird on

The Mall - Luton

"Our Business Manager, Tracey, has been a Special Constable for nine years now, and both she as an individual and the company have benefited from the training and transferable skills she has developed in the role.

"As a founding member of the ESP programme we are committed to giving Tracey one day a month to work Special duties in and around the town centre, which in turn helps us by increasing police presence in the vicinity. The Specials play a very important role in deterring and reducing crime and anti-social behaviour, a tangible benefit for the shopping centre and the town."

Venture Residential

"We support ESP as we know how busy the police are. In the eyes of Venture Residential  the police do a great job. Policing is about communities, and we want to be involved and help promote the great work of the initiative, because people have the opportunity to change their and other peoples’ lives and how can that ever be a bad thing?"

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