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Police Officers

Police Officers undertake a huge range of duties which vary from local policing patrols to assisting at major incidents. There are opportunities to progress into specialisms ranging from traffic to major crime and progress through the ranks.



As a police officer, you will be tested on your mental, emotional and physical capabilities and at times you may even find yourself working alone on patrol. You will also work closely with staff across the force, in teams built on trust and mutual respect. The role of a police officer is critical in maintaining public safety and order and you will deal with things most people will never experience in their lives. You will be exposed to emotionally challenging incidents, you will deal with difficult and on occasion violent individuals. You will be required to maintain a professional approach throughout your interactions, no matter what the situation.

However as a result, you’ll build a career that delivers both personal satisfaction, and the opportunity to make a real and visible difference within the community. You will be part of a very unique organisation where you will meet and train with inspiring colleagues who understand the risks and rewards of the job. You will receive high levels of training and support from colleagues, trainers and the various police support networks that are set up to make sure you are looked after throughout your service. You will have a key role in supporting victims and witnesses and providing reassurance to individuals who have been subjected to crime. Your efforts will help countless people through some of the most difficult situations they have faced.

We are always looking for new police officers to step into the shoes of those who retire after 30 years’ service, move to other forces or decide to change careers. 

We welcome transferees from other forces, but we are also keen to hear from potential recruits officers who live locally, have local knowledge and will help us better reflect and understand the wonderfully diverse communities we serve. The desire is to create a rich pool of talent from which we can routinely select the best interviewees. Successful applicants will then attend a national police assessment centre.

The cream of the crop will join embark on a 16 week training programme at Dunstable Police Station. Those who pass out receive ten weeks on the job training with an experienced officer, making an immediate and visible contribution to policing in Bedfordshire. They will be subject to on-going assessments. 

Officers need to go about their duties with commitment, enthusiasm, professionalism, determination, support our victim CARE campaign and embrace the College of Policing Code of Ethics.

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Information Evening

We are holding a recruitment evening so you can find out what being a police officer involves and how to apply. The event will take place on the 30 January, 7.00pm to 9.00pm at Police HQ, Woburn Road, Kempston. Reserve your space by sending your name and number using the form below.

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