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Police Officers

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Recruitment Update for Police Officers – COVID 19Disability confident employer logo

In light of COVID-19 we wanted to update you on the current position for the continuation of our recruitment processes.

Welcoming future police officers is as important as ever and recruiting individuals that are passionate about making a difference to the communities we serve.

We are making some changes to some of the recruitment elements in our process to be able to do these virtually, some of which are already in place and some to get in place as quickly as we can. Local forces are now running virtual interviews and we are working with the College of Policing on a virtual national force assessment centre which we expect to be ready in the coming weeks. This means a change for the timeframe of the process and we will keep you up to date with the progress of your application.

Our recruitment team are committed to supporting you and appreciate current circumstances may mean more questions, so please drop us a note with any questions you have at:

We look forward to receiving your application and progressing the ones we have already received!

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We are a small and busy force that offers a lot of experience due to the wide range of crimes we see compared our policing counterparts, which makes us unique. At Bedfordshire Police you are not just a number, you will develop with the close knit team that surrounds you and there will always be someone to support you through the ups and downs of policing. 

Every day is different. Ask any of our officers why they like their job, and chances are, that’s the answer you’ll get. Policing is a career that delivers both personal satisfaction and the opportunity to make a real and visible difference within the community.

It’s a challenging 24/7 service and you will work a range of shifts, including nights, as we cover 365 days of the year.  You may not always be there for Christmas, birthdays or holidays, but what you will get is the satisfaction of working in a job like no other.

The role of a police officer is critical in maintaining public safety and order and you will handle things most people never experience in their lives. Your mental, emotional and physical capabilities will be tested as you deal with difficult and, on occasion, violent individuals. At times you will be working alone on patrol and you will maintain a professional approach throughout, no matter what the situation.

You’ll be part of a unique organisation, working with inspiring colleagues who understand the risks and rewards of the job.

You’ll be highly trained and well-supported throughout your service as you help countless people through some of the most difficult situations they have faced, supporting victims and witnesses and providing reassurance in the community.

You can read more about our force in the working with us section, you can also follow the link to learn more about the Code of Ethics we stand by.

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