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Shauna Maloney

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My name is Shauna Maloney and I really mean it when I say I absolutely love my job. I would recommend anyone who wants to join, to do it as there really is no job like it.

From an early age, it may sound very cliché but I’ve always wanted to be a police officer.

Before joining I went to university and gained two degrees in social care studies and pharmaceutical science with drug development. When I moved from Ireland to Luton I worked for a charity that supported women with complex needs such as drug and alcohol dependencies. I really enjoyed this job and had the opportunity to work in partnership with Bedfordshire Police. I was hugely impressed with the way the force safeguarded and protected the public. 

I became a police officer because I want to protect and serve the public.

I wanted to be a voice for victims of crime, safeguard the vulnerable, make a positive difference in society, provide justice for others and help stop discrimination.

I wanted to be able to motivate people from different ethnic minorities to join the police. I am originally from Ireland and I am a very proud Irish female who was new to Luton. The force is noted to be diverse in their employment, it is important to cater to the community you serve this way and this was hugely appealing to me.

I joined the police in March 2019 and after training went straight onto response, which meant I went out to high priority calls 999 calls. Response policing gives you the opportunity to work in partnership with the community, maintain law and order, protect members of the public and their property, prevent crime, reduce the fear in the community and improve the life for all citizens.

Whether I am walking into someone’s home, a shop or workplace, I want the general public to have complete trust in me and my decision making.

This all begins from how you present yourself as a police officer and I am proud to say I always press my uniform daily and polish my boots weekly. I always ensure my epaulettes on are on my uniform as I am very proud to wear my collar number.

Teamwork is vitally important to the officer role, you must work in co-ordination with other members of the unit and take instruction from senior members. I played football throughout my life so I felt I understood importance of team work and what being a team player meant. People bring different things to the role but for me it is not only teamwork, it’s being innovative with your decision making, thinking on your feet, multi-tasking, and having mental agility along with good judgement. 

It is true that when you join the police your life changes. It isn’t just a career, it becomes a livelihood

When making decisions in life you must always think from a police officer perspective, whether being on or off duty.

With any career in policing you must understand you will work long hours, you will miss a Christmas or a family member’s birthday because you might not get the annual leave or be tasked to work overtime. You must be understanding to the fact you will attend and deal with horrible incidents, there will be times that you will be placed under significant pressures to make decisions which can change people’s lives for good or bad forever.

But you should always know that Bedfordshire Police is an organisation who will support you no matter what.

Policing is an amazing career, it can be a very challenging role and but very rewarding role too. If you know and believe you have helped someone, it makes it all worthwhile.

The range of roles available in policing is vast and the opportunities are endless.

The support and guidance from team mates and supervisors is just remarkable. There is always someone to help you along the way.

Bedfordshire Police is not just an organisation, it becomes your family!

Shauna Maloney

Police officer

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