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Meet our officers

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Student officers

Shauna Maloney Case study button   Haseeb Bensharif case study button

Clickable image. Image shows a picture of a detective and says "Jeevan. Jeevan joined our Accelerated Detective Constable Programme because he wanted a career where he can make a difference to people’s lives. Click to read more about jeevan"   Clickable image with a photo of Mia and text that says " Mia joined us at the beginning of 2021. She previously worked as an actress but realised she lost her passion and excitement for her role. She turned to policing and found that spark."



Meet Lucy case study button   Melissa Tudor case study button

Clickable image showing Marcus, a brief description of his policing journey and click to read more. Text says "Marcus joined Bedfordshire Police because of the career opportunities available. He is currently working as a detective in Protecting Vulnerable   Clickable button that shows image of detective and text that says "Shona has spent 20 years with the force and has had a very varied career. She is now on a new journey training as a detective."


Police officers

Nicola Baxter case study button   Clickable image that shows Paul alongside text. The text says "Paul has been with the force for 6 years and has recently moved into the recruitment team to work with people applying to join"

Clickable image that shows photo of officer and text that says "PC Bill has served with us for 20 years and shared his career path from patrolling Luton, to investigating causes of road traffic collisions and earning a degree collision investigation!"


Senior ranking officers/career paths

Clickable image of Sharn Basra and text. The text says "Sharn Basra's career in policing spans 27 years. He has worked his way from police officer to Assistant Chief Constable. Click to read more about his vast policing journey"  Julie Henderson case study button



Claire case study button with text that says "Claire was a stay at home mum for seven years  started her policing journey as a PCSO. She wanted to make a difference to the community."   Clickable case study button that says "Chaman wanted a new challenge and joined policing because of the variety and that every day is different."

Clickable image that says "Giovanna has been a PCSO with us since 2008. She has worked with a range of different people and been through the highs and lows of working with the Police"


Special Constables

Clickable image showing a picture of Mark Rowley. The text say "Mark, Mark volunteers with us whilst also working a full time job and being a parent to three children. Click to read why he joined as a special constable"    Rob cross case study button. Shows image of Rob and text that says "Rob has volunteered with us for over 30 years. He has seen the special constabulary evolve and grow. He has also been exposed to a huge range of policing jobs and training opportunities o

Clickable button with image of special constable and text that says "Kirsty joined the special constabulary because she wanted to help make Bedfordshire a safer place for her children to grow up in and for fellow residents"   Clickable button with image of Humera and text that says "Humera joined us in 2016 and became a warranted volunteer officer in January 2017. Read more about her journey and what being a special constable means to her."

Clickable image with picture of Alisha and text thay says "Alisha admired the police and had always wanted to join. She really enjoyed her job in the ambulance service and thought she could get the best of both worlds as a special constable."   Liz Dannatt clickable button that says "Liz is so proud of what she has achieved since joining. She has grown in confidence, gained more patience and a different perspective on life.!


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