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I worked in the leisure industry as a lifeguard and joined the police in 2005 as a PCSO, just before I was 19 years old. I then applied and joined the police constable role a few years later, just after my milestone 21st Birthday!

My supervisor and peers recognised I had a talent for investigations – my ability to think outside the box and being incredibly relentless in achieving results for the victims and bringing offenders to justice. So I soon took the detective career pathway. I also wanted to use this opportunity as an experienced detective to specialise in the intelligence world of policing.

As an experienced detective I then wanted to use the opportunity to specialise in the intelligence world of policing. So I now work as a Field Intelligence Officer where, in a nutshell, I review intelligence on criminal activity, obtain warrants for court and plan the execution of warrants in order to disrupt criminal activities within organised crime groups.

I love the variation of this role and piecing all of the puzzle pieces together in order to be part of the team that puts criminals before the courts.

I am currently studying for my promotional exam next year and hopefully will be a detective sergeant within the next couple of years. I then hope to look to progress on my journey to detective inspector. I enjoy the intelligence world so will with any luck I’ll be able to remain here as I pursue my many career opportunities.

Policing can be challenging, we have tough days but the team and the work ethic is what drives me to brush it off and come back the next day. We strive to achieve results on a daily basis and keep momentum with all of our intelligence investigations to ensure that we react quickly and positively to disrupt some sophisticated criminal enterprises.

Knowing that we are making the community a safer place and taking firearms, drugs and cash off the streets makes me turn up every day!

When I worked in CID in Luton I had an incredibly high workload and there were serious investigations and prisoners in custody to expedite daily. I was frequently late home and often microwaving my dinner or surviving on just a few hours’ sleep. But it is here I built my experience to progress my career on and my team were fantastic and we all worked together in order to achieve the best result, often securing charges and remands on those prisoners which makes it worth it. Plus, the overtime always made up for it. 

My favourite moment so far in my career was passing my advanced driving course, which meant I could move in to a specialised role. I am also very lucky to have been chosen to work on very sensitive and covert operations which are incredibly interesting.

I also feel very proud of the significant custodial sentences that offenders have received when I have been the officer in charge for investigations, that is a real sense of justice for both the victims and my team.

Being in the police is being part of a family, everyone is willing to work together and my current team including the senior management have a fantastic work ethic. If we work an 18-hour day, we are in it for the long haul together. On enforcement days we also have dedicated roles and skillsets ranging from who presents the briefings, who does admin and who orders the dinner when the team haven’t eaten all day! 

I have always been passionate about fitness both prior to joining the police and throughout my career. Fitness ensures strength, discipline, muscle memory and being able to chase after people! I have excellent communication skills from working in retail face-to-face roles with customers, resolving conflict and having good planning and organisational skills. All of which have set me in good stead for a career in policing. 

It is crucial to be open minded, think outside the box, be diligent, passionate and organised. You need to be reactive, flexible and always up for a challenge. Detectives have an excellent skillset which can be used to educate and coach officers within different roles who do not necessarily have that investigative experience or expertise. That’s what makes the police service so unique because everyone can work together with such different skill sets and experiences.

In my opinion being a detective is the best role in the police, it opens so many doors for opportunities due to the training and skills detectives have, especially around the intelligence and covert side of policing.

You get to deal with the most serious and impactive crimes across the force and see so many eye-opening events that you get amazing experiences from. If you’ve ever thought about joining, do it!

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Head over to our detective career page to find out more about the role and to apply.

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