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Firearms licensing application forms and fees

Information that you will need to know in order to apply for a firearm or shotgun licence.

Following the implementation of the third stage in the government road map and lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, we are happy to report that from 17 May, new grant applications can now be accepted.

We do have a number of applications already received which were suspended due to lockdown and it may take some time to catch up, so your continued patience would be greatly appreciated. We will process your application as soon as we are able.

To apply for a firearm or shotgun licence, read this information carefully and then download the appropriate forms from the ‘application forms' section below.


All payments are now made electronically and we no longer accept cheques other than under exceptional circumstances. If you believe you have exceptional circumstances, please email us. Otherwise, please submit your application forms by post including one recent photograph and land/club form if relevant but do not send a payment at this stage. Please see the payments section for further details.

Medical reports

We now require a medical screening letter to be submitted with your grant or renewal application. Applications received without the medical proforma (PDF, 416 KB) will be returned as incomplete. Please see the medical section for further details.

We are aware that some GP’s are still facing delays in providing reports due to COVID. Please continue to attempt obtain your completed proforma prior to submitting your renewal application regardless of your expiry date. We will not allow you to expire for this reason – if we have not received your application a week prior to your expiry date, we will extend your current certificate for a further eight weeks and will confirm that we have done this via e-mail to you.

If your GP is refusing to supply you with a report, please see our medical section for advice. Following receipt of your completed proforma please email to us with your application and we will process in the usual way.

Firearms certificates

Firearms certificates
Grant of firearm certificate  £88
Renewal of firearm certificate  £62
Variation of a firearm certificate (one for one variations are cost free – charges for variations other than 1-1 apply, other than when the certificate is being renewed at the same time)  £20
Replacement of a firearm certificate lost or destroyed  £4

**variations – please send us your current certificate with your application, but first ensure that you have purchased sufficient ammunition to cover you whilst your application is being processed. The average turn around time for a variation is 3-4 weeks.

Shotgun certificates

Shotgun certificates
Grant of a shotgun certificate  £79.50
Renewal of a shotgun certificate  £49
Replacement of a shotgun certificate lost or destroyed  £4

Coterminous certificates

Firearms and shotgun certificates valid for the same dates.

Coterminous certificates
Coterminous grants  £90
Coterminous renewal  £65

Visitors' permits

Visitors to the UK can possess a firearm, shotgun or ammunition without a certificate if they are granted a visitors' permit.

Applications for a visitors' permit should be made at least eight weeks prior to arrival in this country. We cannot guarantee the issue of a visitors' permit with less than eight week's notice.

Applications for visitors' firearms or shotgun permits must be submitted with the following documentation for each visitor:

  • European Union (EU) visitors - copy of European Firearms Pass (EFP).
  • Non-EU visitors - either copies of current valid firearm or shotgun licences, or the equivalent of a local Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check from their country.
Visitors' permits
Individual visitor's permit  £20
Group visitors' permit (groups of six or more valid for the same dates)  £65

Registered firearms dealers

Registered firearms dealers
Registration or renewal  £200
Additional premises  £13

New certificates (grants)

For all new applications, a home visit is required by your local firearms enquiry officer. You will be contacted to arrange a mutually agreeable time and date for your visit, but please be aware that our enquiry officers do not work evenings or weekends, therefore you will be required to be available between 8am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Please do not submit an application if you are going to be out of the country/unavailable to facilitate a visit within 8-12 weeks of your application.

If you are applying to shoot on land or as a member of a shooting club, the following form must be completed and submitted with your application.


To assist you we will send you a renewal reminder letter 12 weeks before your certificate is due to expire.

If your renewal application is received by us less than eight weeks prior to you expiry date, and/or is incomplete, this gives us insufficient time to process it, and you therefore may be required to place your firearms, ammunition or shotguns with a person authorised to possess them until you receive your new certificate.

You must also submit a land authority or club form if relevant with your renewal application as we need confirmation that you are still authorised to use the land.

Apply for shooting club approval

All new or renewal applications for shooting club approval should be submitted directly to the Home Office. This applies to all clubs in England and Wales. Applications should no longer be sent directly to the police.

Once your application has been submitted, the Home Office will review it to determine if it is valid and, if so, pass it to the police force, who will then make necessary enquiries before sending the application back to the Home Office for consideration. If you do not provide sufficient information and supporting evidence your application is likely to be rejected as invalid and will need to be resubmitted.

Before applying you must ensure that you fulfil the criteria as set out in the Home Office clubs’ criteria leaflet (opens in a new window).

Artificial target shooting

If you are applying to approve a site to enable persons who are not shotgun certificate holders to shoot at artificial targets, such as clay pigeon shoots, please complete the 'application for a section 11(6) authority' form below.

Applications relative to planned events should be made in advance to avoid disappointment, we recommend at least four weeks prior to the event.

Application forms

Returning your application

All applications for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire should be posted to:

Firearms and Explosives Licensing Department
Police Headquarters
Hinchingbrooke Park
PE29 6NP

Please note - no applications will be accepted if delivered by hand under any circumstances and you will be turned away.  You should seek guidance from the Firearms Licensing Department if you have a query by emailing.


Please note that some of the forms on this page were produced by the Home Office.  Please see their accessibility disclaimer (opens in a new window).

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