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Access your personal data

The Data Protection Act allows you to ask for a copy of the personal information we hold on you, which is known as ‘subject access’.

How we use personal information

We’re committed to ensuring all personal information is handled appropriately in order to secure and maintain peoples trust and confidence in us as a police force.

We take data protection seriously and comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 which governs how we use and disclose personal information. The Chief Constable is registered with the Information Commissioner and is obliged to make sure we handle all information in the right way.

Details of how we process personal data is recorded on the Information Commissioner website. You can view this information by visiting the Data Protection Register and searching: 'Chief Constable Bedfordshire Police'.

Access your personal information held by the police

Section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998 states that individuals are entitled, upon written request, to be informed as to whether or not personal data is held or processed about them.

If you'd like to what or if we hold information about you, there are three options available depending on what information you'd like to get.

Option 1 - Accessing both local and national police records

If you want to request both local and national personal information held on you, you will need to pay a one-off fee of £10. Police National Computer requests will need to be sent to ACRO, including the £10 fee and local force system requests will need to be sent to our Information Rights Office.

Please also make a note on your applications that you are submitting both requests, so that both the national and local police are aware.

Copies of your ID documents should also be sent with your applications.

Option 2 - Access your data held on the Police National Computer (PNC) only

To request a copy of any information held about you on the police national computer, you must complete a NPCC Subject Access Application Form . Applications are processed by the Association of Chief Police Officers Criminal Records Office (ACRO)and cost £10.

Option 3 - Access your data held on local force systems only

To see the information we have about you on Bedfordshire Police systems, please download, complete and return a Subject Access Request.

Applications cost £10 and once we receive your completed form, we aim to get back to you within 40 days.

If we decline your request to access personal information

Under the Data Protection Act, we reserve the right to decline your request to access the personal information we hold on you, which relate to the following reasons;

  1. the release of information could lead to the identification of another individual to whom we have a duty of confidence. This may be where our recorded information involves more than one individual, for example a crime report identifying both a victim and a suspect or offender. An offender will not normally be given personal details of victims and vice versa.
  2. information being processed for the prevention or detection of crime or the prosecution of offenders. For example, we won’t release intelligence about an individual under these provisions if it could damage an investigation.
  3. paper or manual records being processed, including investigation files. The search for electronic records can normally be completed by using an automatic search tool. However, searching for hand written records can be much harder. If the cost of reviewing and releasing the information would exceed £450, it is outside the right of access granted by Parliament and therefore we will refuse the request.

Please be aware that when requesting information, we can only release details we have on you, as the applicant. We cannot provide information relating to other individuals. Any details not relating to yourself will be edited out.

Information released under this legislation allows you to make sure the information we hold is accurate and not kept longer than necessary.

Your personal information rights

Individuals can contact our Information Rights Office to ask us not to handle their personal information in a way that may cause unjustified distress or damage to themselves or another person.

Refuse the processing of your personal information

You can ask us not to handle your personal information and we ask that all requests are sent in writing and should include;

  • a description of your personal information
  • a description of the handling that you object to
  • the reasons why handling your information has, or would be likely to, cause damage and/or distress
  • the type of damage and/or distress it would cause
  • the reason why the damage and/or distress would be unjustified.

Section 10 of the Data Protection Act gives you the right to make this request but there are certain clauses that may mean we’re required to continue handling your data as originally intended, despite your objection.

Claim compensation for breach of data protection

If you believe we have breached any requirements of the data protection act and feel you have suffered damage or distress as a result, you may be entitled compensation. Any claims should be sent to our Information Rights Office.

See section 13 of the Data Protection Act for more information.

Take action against inaccurate data

If you believe we have inaccurate personal information about you, section 14 of the Data Protection Act gives you the right to seek a court order to rectify, block, erase or destroy the information we hold on you.

Please contact us in the first instance if you believe data we hold on you is incorrect. If we are unable to resolve this to your satisfaction, you will need to make a request to the courts. 

Request an assessment of the personal data we hold on you

Requests are to be made to the Information Commissioner’s Office to assess the information our police force holds, if you feel you have been harmed by our handling of personal information.

Contact us

The Information Rights Office can be contacted via the following details;


  • Information Rights,
  • Bedfordshire Police HQ,
  • Woburn Road,
  • Kempston,
  • Bedfordshire,
  • MK43 9AX



01234 842547 - telephone lines are open between 10am and 2pm and messages will be picked up outside of these working hours. 

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