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Translation services

We have diverse communities and our translation service provider plays a key role in helping us communicate equally with all members of the public, regardless of cultural background, nationality or language. 

The Big Word provides translation and interpreter services (opens in new window) to Bedfordshire Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire, as well as to 15 other police forces in the UK.

The Big Word

The Big Word (opens in new window) provide us with their services 24/7 to help us to communicate in different languages and ensure officers meet every persons needs and carry out investigations fairly.

If you come into contact with us for whatever reason, and require an interpreter, an officer will arrange for immediate telephone translation to help from start to finish.

Face-to-face interpreter services can also be arranged when necessary, such as during a custody interview.

All interpreters are qualified, security vetted and have signed a professional code of conduct. 

Languages and dialects

We understand that many languages have different dialects and before a meeting begins, an officer will ensure the interpreter and individual understand each other clearly.  

The officer will also ensure the interpreter is appropriately briefed on the circumstances so that they understand the individual’s needs and type of discussion that will be had before the meeting begins.

Interpretation at court

If you require an interpreter to attend court with you, this will be processed by the courts rather than our officers.

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