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Stolen bicycle

There are a number of steps that cyclists can take to reduce the chances of having their bikes stolen.

We advise all cyclists to security mark  their bikes so that if it’s ever stolen, you have a better chance of getting it back. 

You can also take a photo of your bike, and make a note of things like the make, model, a description, its value and any unusual markings.

Property marking

You can use a UV (ultra violet) security marker pen as a low-cost way to property mark your bike with your house number and post code. The ink is invisible to the naked eye, until it’s viewed under a UV lamp.

There are other property-marking liquids available, such as SmartWater or EnigmaTag, which offer a hi-tech way of linking your property to your address

All of these measures help us to identify stolen goods, and make it harder for thieves to sell.

Keeping your bicycle secure

Always lock your bike, regardless of where you are and how long you plan to leave it. You can use two different locks to secure your bike, which makes it a lot harder to steal as thieves are likely to need different tools to unfasten each lock.

Where you can, lock your bike to cycle racks in busy, well-lit areas. Lock both wheels and the frame to a bike stand and fill the lock with as much of the bike as possible, for better security.

Although they can be picked, locks do provide a deterrent to thieves. Face the lock to the ground to prevent it from being turned upwards to access.

Take any items that can be removed with you, such as wheels, lights and pumps.

Our community policing teams regularly run proactive operations to tackle some of the root causes of this kiind of crime, which can include drug and alcohol abuse. Their work means they are visible in town centres, deterring criminals and building relationships with partners to ensure our town centres are safe spaces to be enjoyed by all.

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