Misconduct Hearings

This page provides information on both forthcoming misconduct hearings and the outcome of cases of formal misconduct proceedings.


Bedfordshire Police demands the highest standards of professionalism, honesty and integrity from its officers and staff. Where those standards are not met, consideration may be given to instigating misconduct proceedings.

We are committed to transparency and accountability. As such we will publish the outcomes of misconduct meetings, misconduct hearings and also those who resign prior to the conclusion of misconduct proceedings (where it is established that there was a case to answer).

Professional Standards for Bedfordshire Police is overseen by the collaborated Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Professional Standards Department.


Misconduct Hearings


Where the officer/member of staff faces allegations of gross misconduct they would attend a misconduct hearing. If they are found to have breached the relevant standards of professional behaviour they may be dismissed.

Misconduct Meeting


Where the officer/member of staff faces allegations of misconduct they would attend a misconduct meeting. If they are found to have breached the relevant standards of professional behaviour the maximum penalty would be a final written warning.



Police officers are ordinarily not allowed to resign if they face a misconduct hearing for gross misconduct.

We will publish these outcomes regularly on these web pages.


Attending a Hearing


Police Misconduct Hearings are almost always held wholly or partly in public. In respect of forthcoming hearings an individual and specific public notice will be accessible from this site. The notice provides information about the hearing including how to apply to attend. It also gives details of any exclusions or attendance conditions which have been set by the person who is to chair the hearing. In the event that the chair of the hearing sets conditions for public attendance the below MAY apply:


Any person wishing to attend the hearing must register their details in advance.  Failure to register will lead to entry being declined. The registration facility will close 3 working days before the hearing.

Members of the public are required to be in possession of valid photographic identification upon arrival and produce it upon request. Failure to do so will lead to entry being declined.

Public attendees are prohibited from using any sound or film recording equipment at the hearings or taking photographs of the proceedings.

Members of the public attending the hearing do so at their own expense.

Any person whose behaviour is deemed likely to disrupt proceeding may be excluded.

Additionally the chair may set any additional conditions he decides are appropriate to the particular case.

The notice will also give access to a public guidance and advice document which gives practical advice about various matters including an age limit applied to attendance, facilities at the venue and the use of mobile phones.


Forthcoming Misconduct Hearings

There are no forthcoming hearings


Misconduct Hearings - Outcomes 2017

Misconduct disclosure April 2016 to January 2017


Misconduct Hearings - Outcomes 2015/2016

Misconduct disclosure April to September 2016

Misconduct disclosure April 2015 to March 2016