A Transparent Account of Body Worn Video

Bedfordshire Police first introduced body worn cameras in Spring 2014 - following a survey that showed the public were in favour of them - and they have been delivering benefits ever since.


The cameras, by their very nature, give a completely transparent account of events, which helps protect the public and police and assist with the criminal justice process.


Bedfordshire Police, in common with other forces and in accordance with national guidance, will activate body worn cameras when there is an opportunity to gather evidence. The subject of the filming is told in advance, or as soon as practicable, so it comes as no surprise.


With the help of Innovation Fund Support we are gradually equipping more than 1,250 staff in areas including Community Policing, Response, Roads Policing, Forensic Collision Investigation and the Special Constabulary.


The cameras are already delivering real results for the public, not least by securing convictions and ensuring some offenders are removed from our streets. Filmed evidence has helped:


• Jail offenders  for domestic violence incidents – in one case 11 years - further reassuring the public that police and courts take them seriously
• Protect the wider public by securing convictions against offenders, even though their victims will not make a complaint
• Fight racial abuse by using footage to prove offenders’ abuse of victims, including police officers
• Bring to justice those who damage public property, including police equipment
• Take drugs off the street by capturing key evidence, including the lengths dealers will go to conceal them
• Establish the truth in professional standards cases brought by the public against police officers



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