Robbery - crime prevention advice

A robbery is when a person uses or threatens to use force to steal. It is more serious than theft and you can be guilty of robbery even if you are just part of a group that robbed someone. Robbery carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. Threatening someone in order to take possessions from them is not bullying, but robbery and convictions for this offence carry a custodial sentence.


Stay Safe:

  • Don’t make yourself a target. Keep your mobile telephone and other valuables out of sight
  • The chances of a lost or stole telephone being returned to you are far greater if they are registered with Register yours for free NOW. It only takes a couple of minutes
  • Avoid remote areas. If you can’t avoid one, walk with friends or stick to well-lit areas
  • Never carry excessive cash
  • Carry handbags close to your body with the clasp facing inwards. If someone tries to grab your bag let go, rather than get hurt
  • Don’t hitch-hike or take lifts from strangers. If you need a lift plan it in advance
  • The first rule of planning a good night out is planning in advance how to get home
  • If you think someone is following you go to the nearest place where there is a lot of people and call police
  • Let parents know where you are going and when you will be back
  • Consider purchasing a personal attack alarm that continues to sound if dropped
  • Never be tempted to buy goods ‘off the back of a lorry’ that could be stolen property. If offered items for sale report your suspicions to police
  • If you are being bullied, tell an adult


  • The chances of you being caught with a security marked telephone are increasing
  • Did you know SmartWater is invisible, irremovable and glows purple under ultra-violet light?
  • All our custody suites are fitted with ultra violet lights that can detect Smartwater
  • Robbery is priority for Bedfordshire Police. Don’t say you weren’t warned
  • Is a free mobile phone worth a jail sentence? Remember, you will be caught
  • If you steal to feed a drugs habit we know people who can help