Our non-emergency number is 01234 841212 in case of emergency, use 999

#StaySafe Winter

During the winter months, we want you to #StaySafe.

Don't give thieves and burglars the opportunity to make you become a victim of crime.


Protecting You

  • Don’t make yourself a target. Keep your mobile telephone and other valuables out of sight
  • The chances of a lost or stole telephone being returned to you are far greater if they are registered with http://www.immobilise.com/ Register yours for free NOW. It only takes a couple of minutes
  • Avoid remote areas. If you can’t avoid one, walk with friends or stick to well-lit areas
  • Never carry excessive cash
  • Carry handbags close to your body with the clasp facing inwards. If someone tries to grab your bag let go, rather than get hurt
  • Don’t hitch-hike or take lifts from strangers. If you need a lift plan it in advance
  • If you think someone is following you go to the nearest place where there is a lot of people and call police
  • Consider purchasing a personal attack alarm that continues to sound if dropped

Protecting Your Vehicle

  • Do not leave keys in cars whilst they are left unattended
  • Keep keys out of sight at night, rather than on a hook or table by the door
  • Double lock UPVC front doors
  • If you have a garage, put your car in it
  • Ensure vehicle doors, windows and the sunroof are locked
  • Use security lights
  • When out and about try to park in well lit and busy locations
  • Always remove equipment like sat-navs and the cradle
  • Never leave valuables on display, including coats
  • If you are going shopping do not leave your purchases in your car while you go back for more - thieves could be watching

Protecting Your Property

  • Use your lights – keep them on a timer. Make sure they are switched on early even if you leave them on whilst going shopping or on the school run. And remember; use the lights in a main room and not in the hall way so it looks like someone is home.
  • Keep your radio switch on and tuned in to a talk station so it sounds like someone is at home.
  • Make sure your doors are securely locked at all times. If you have UPVC door make sure they are double locked.
  • Lock all windows and fit restricters – thieves can wriggle through any gap larger than a human head.
  • Fit locks at the top and bottom of patio doors.
  • Visible alarms make burglars think twice – make sure you switch them on when you go out.
  • Never leave garages or sheds unlocked.
  • Check for weak spots and sagging fences on your boundary.
  • Stop a thief from getting into the back of the house where he can work unseen by fitting a strong, high gate across a side passage.
  • Be alert to strangers loitering in the street.  If you don’t recognise them or they are acting suspiciously, call the police on 101.