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Channel Project

What is channel?

Channel is a national Home Office Safeguarding project which aims to prevent children and adults from being drawn into violent radicalisation or becoming involved in terrorist related activity.

It uses a multi-agency approach with existing collaboration between local authorities, statutory partners, the police and the local Community to:

  • Identify individuals at risk of being drawn into terrorism
  • Assess the nature and extent of that risk
  • Develop the most appropriate support plan for the individual concerned.

How do I refer someone I have concerns about?

If you or an organisation you work for has concerns about an individual you can contact

  • The local Channel Coordinator 
  • Bedfordshire Police Prevent team, or Bedfordshire Police via the 101 system
  • Alternatively Luton Borough Council are an active partner in the local Channel project and can forward referrals onto the local Channel Panel.


Will they go on a police database if I refer someone to Channel?

As a statutory body the police have to keep records of enquires they make into persons who are brought to their attention, for a wide variety of reasons. These can include those who are involved in criminality, as well as the enquires that are made into the safety of persons of concern, missing persons and those who may be vulnerable to abuse as well as those who may be at risk of radicalisation. Records are kept of actions taken to assess the level of risk and what actions are taken to deal with the risk, if appropriate.

Channel is no exception to this. Details of those involved would be kept in the appropriate systems.  As this is not the same as the criminal database it would not be used to stigmatise or label the person involved.


What can I expect to happen to the person I have referred?

Initial enquires would be made into the concerns raised about the person to see if there were issues of vulnerability or radicalisation which may need to be addressed. If that were the case, the Channel Co-ordinator would seek further information and advice from partner agencies, and look to put forward a referral to the local Channel Safeguarding Panel. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the individual, the local Channel Co-ordinator may seek to contact the person, but this is not always the case.

Once a referral is received at the Panel, a decision is made as to which agencies should be involved, and what level of support should be given to the person.  The Panel oversees the implementation of this support for as long as it is deemed necessary.


Does it work?

That is hard to quantify, but at present it appears that none of the individuals who have been engaged by Channel projects nationally have gone into areas of criminality involving radical extremism.


How can my organisation learn more about Channel and referring someone?

The Home Office website contains details of the Channel Project, but the best way is to engage directly with your local Channel Co-ordinator.





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