Op Fidelity Burglary


Burglary is a distressing crime which can leave victims feeling violated in their own homes.


This crime is treated as a priority for Bedfordshire Police and in winter 2015, Operation Fidelity –  an innovative new forcewide plan to tackle burglary – was launched.


What is burglary?

Burglary is defined by law as the entering of a building as a trespasser, and then

  • Stealing or attempting to steal from it, or
  • Inflicting or attempting to inflict grievous bodily harm to anyone in it, or
  • Making trespassing entry to a building with intent to steal, intent to inflict GBH or intent to do unlawful damage
  • It differs from theft and robbery and is an either-way offence, that is, it can be dealt with by magistrates or at Crown Court.


Key to continuing the reduction in burglary across Bedfordshire is effective target-hardening.


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