Abuse reporting form

This confidential form is to report an incident/s of domestic, child, sexual, rape or honour-based abuse, as well as abuse against a vulnerable adult that has occurred within the Bedfordshire Police area. Once the form is completed we will contact you at a suitable time and discuss the matter further. If you’re in immediate danger and need urgent assistance always dial 999.


This form can be used if you have been a victim, if you have witnessed an incident, or if you are reporting abuse on behalf of someone else.

Please fill in as many details as you can and ensure you provide us with your name and the details of your preferred method of contact.

1. Your Details

Please fill in the relevant section below and let us know when the best time to contact you is:
2. Victim Details
If you are a witness or reporting abuse on behalf of someone else please provide details of the victim:

If yes have they consented or asked for this to be reported?
3. Incident Details

4. Details of the Abuser

Thank you for taking the time to fill in the form, we will contact you or a nominated trusted friend, family member or teacher by the preferred method of contact you have provided us with at a suitable time.