Wildlife priorities

Our wildlife priorities for 2014-2016 are:

1. Badger persecution (Improve and increase the recording of incidents, crimes and intelligence for Badger Persecution. Improve the investigation process and increase awareness of Badger Persecution across the UK)

2. Bat persecution (To reduce bat crime by: working with key stakeholders to raise awareness of responsibilities and criminal offences against bats, promoting a preventative approach and improving the submission of intelligence and standards of investigation relating to bats across the UK)

3. Control of endangered species in particular raptors, ivory, medicinal and health products(Including rhino horn), reptiles (Increase the number of disruption activities and detections of illegal trade in CITES priority species by: Increasing the amount of targeted compliance activity, increasing the number of intelligence submissions and intelligence products produced, improve the quality of Analytical Assessments and complete in agreed time-scales, and increase the number of investigations and enforcement outcomes)

4. Criminality affecting fresh water pearl mussels (Raise awareness of criminality affecting freshwater pearl mussels in order to facilitate intelligence and incident reporting, leading to increased prevention and enforcement action)

5. Poaching/Coursing issues of deer, fish and hare (To increase the level of awareness of poaching and hare coursing as serious wildlife crimes and build better trust and relationships between the law enforcement agencies and local communities, both leading to increased prevention activity, intelligence flows and enforcement success)

6. Raptor persecution including poisoning, egg and chick theft, taking from the wild and nest disturbance/destruction and to concentrate on golden eagle, goshawk, hen harrier, peregrine, red kite and white-tailed eagle (Raise community trust and awareness to facilitate intelligence and incident reporting, leading to increased prevention and enforcement activity relating to Raptor Persecution


Key message to the public

If there is a crime taking progress involving wildlife crime, please contact our Force Control Room on 101.


If you have any queries or other non-urgent issues then you can contact Inspector Tracey Day by emailing tracey.day@bedfordshire.pnn.police.uk