Child Victims of Crime

About Child Victims Of Crime

Police Officer and childChild Victims of Crime is the only national police children’s’ charity and was set up in 1993. in response to the aftermath of the terrorist bombing carried out in Warrington. It is administered by a board of trustees which includes serving and retired police officers.


Our aim is to provide support to any child up to 16 years of age who has been a victim of , or traumatised by any criminal offence committed in the United Kingdom.

Since becoming a registered charity in 1994, we have supported over 4000 individual victims and their families from across the UK., providing funding for counselling sessions, holidays and activity breaks, tickets to events, mountain bikes, computers and high street gift vouchers.

The Charity receives referrals from police forces across the country. Individual Officers who have been working with the children are in unique position to make these nominations.

Having worked with the children, they understand the pain and suffering that these innocent victims are going through, and can often suggest the best way to put a little bit of fun and "normality" back into their lives.

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"The mere fact that the police and your charity took the time to recognise these children and their families in this manner has had a very positive impact" - DS Alistair Hutchins


We know from talking to police officers that they want to do more for young victims of crime.

Sometimes it isn't enough to catch the offenders, the child goes on hurting. So if an officer can arrange for something practical - like a voucher to treat a young person, to allow a child to replace stolen property or simply remind them that life's not all bad - they feel as if they are making a difference.

We also promote children's personal safety by distributing our 'Tackle Safety leaflets free of charge. The leaflets can be ordered via Child Victims of Crime website


"Today, Child Victims of crime made a huge difference to a victim and her family. Not only this, you have enabled me to carry out a very nice errand and for this , I thank you." DC Janice Williams