Tackling gangs and gang related crime is a key priority for Bedfordshire Police. We understand that it can be difficult for young people to say no when being peer pressured into gang activities, and we also know that once you’re in a gang, it can be difficult to get out.


This section provides advice for young people about what to do if you’re feeling pressured to join a gang, or if you are worried for a friend who is in a gang, and advice for parents and carers who may have concerns about their child.


We’ve also got some advice for those people who are in a gang and who are looking to break free.


There are a number of organisations who offer help and support for those worried or involved in gang related crime, and you can also find out how to report a concern about gangs.


There can be a link between gangs and drugs, so we’ve also provided some information about drugs.


Finally if you’re a little unsure as to what counts as a gang, you can read our handy definition here.