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The following pages offer advice on the granting and renewal of firearm and shotgun certificates in addition to advice on many other aspects relating to the purchase or possession of firearms, shotguns and explosives.

For general enquiries about the firearms licensing process (including renewals or cancellations of existing firearm licenses), please contact the Firearms Licensing Unit on Telephone 01707 806126 or you can send us an email at: Email BedsandHertsFLU@herts.pnn.police.uk.

Peter Taylor
Firearms Licensing Manager


Extension to definition of Prohibited Person under Section 21 Firearms Act 1968

From 14 July 2014, if a person receives a suspended sentence of three months or more then they will not be able to purchase or possess a firearm or ammunition for a period of five years from the second day after sentence. This timescale has been set so that a person who is in possession of a firearm or ammunition is not in immediate breach of the law when the sentence is passed and has an opportunity to make arrangements to transfer or dispose of their firearm or ammunition.

However, a person who received a suspended sentence before 14 July and already has a firearm certificate would be able to retain their firearm and ammunition for the duration of their certificate.

Section 110 makes another amendment to the Firearms Act so that from 14 July 2014, a person who has served or received a criminal sentence will not be able to possess an antique firearm. The prohibition applies to anyone who has served a custodial sentence of more than three years or has served a custodial sentence, or received a suspended sentence, of between three months and three years.

A person to whom this applies and who currently lawfully possesses an antique firearm will need to dispose of it by 14 July.

The Home Office circular covering this change can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/home-office-circulars-2014


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