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Drugs can have a devastating impact on people’s lives. Not only do they have harmful side effects, which can be fatal, they are also illegal. We are committed to ensuring the public’s safety as well as tackling drugs and take offences regarding possession and supply very seriously.


Do you know...

What drugs contain?


Drugs are rarely sold in pure form and are often mixed with unknown substances, including glass and concrete, however they can be mixed with more life threatening substances like Fentanyl.


The law?


The maximum sentence for possessing Class A drugs is seven years imprisonment.


Visit the Government website to find out about the law and penalties concerning possession and supply of drugs.


Know the signs

Sudden changes in mood and behaviour, a deterioration in personal appearance, friendships, and relationships, and stealing or money borrowing, are all signs that someone might be taking drugs.


Find out more about the signs someone is using drugs.


Help and advice

In an emergency you should always call 999. If you have general information about drug taking in your community, you can call 101.


If you are starting to feel unwell, you should ensure you seek medical help immediately.


There are a number of organisations who can provide help and support to people who take drugs, or who are affected by drug crime.