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11 August 2017


More water safety signs for incident hot spots


Water safety signage 2017Even more water safety signage is now on display in incident hot-spots across Bedford, to warn people following three water-related deaths in the past month.


Following collaboration with Beds Fire and Rescue and Bedford Borough Council,  extra signage has now been installed at Priory Country Park, Priory Marina and along the River Great Ouse.


Cllr Colleen Atkins, Portfolio Holder for Community Safety and Regulatory Services, said: “We can’t emphasise enough that people should not enter the water. It doesn’t matter how fit you think you are, cold water shock and hidden currents can catch anyone out.”


Sgt Ben Dimmock from Bedfordshire Police, said: “I don’t want another family to feel the bitter pain that comes with losing a loved one to the water. The advice is simple, never enter the water. The river is central to the county’s beauty, but it must be respected at all times.


"I hope this new signage will help people to think twice before they consider putting their lives at risk.”


Steven Allen, Homes, Roads & Leisure Safety Manager at Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue, said: “Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service urge the public to avoid swimming in open water for leisure and entering open water to help someone else thought to be in trouble.


"Cold water, strong currents and submerged hazards can quickly overwhelm the strongest of swimmers. “The best way to help someone else in trouble is to immediately notify emergency services using 999, keep the person under observation and confirm their location to assist with rescue.


"Lifebelts or other flotation devices, where available, can be thrown to support a person in trouble until help arrives.”


Water safety advice can be found on the Beds Fire and Rescue site.