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11 August 2017


Elderly and vulnerable Cyber Crime campaign


Over the summer Bedfordshire Police are working to protect older people from scams.


We are visiting groups and organisations across the region to spread our advice. Scammers can seem convincing and may appear as though they are from an organisation you might trust. Scammers target older people who want to talk and are trusting.


Help protect yourself and your elderly friends and family by following our advice:


  1. It’s ok to say ‘NO’- if you receive an unexpected call never give out personal information such as bank details or date of birth or let them talk you through a process on your computer.
  2. The police and your bank will never call unexpectedly and ask you to move money from your account.
  3. If you are unsure whether a caller is trustworthy hang up and call the organisation yourself. Make sure the phone has fully disconnected by using a different phone, waiting at least 3 minutes or calling a friend or relative first.
  4. Never give anyone your PIN or enter it into the keypad on your phone
  5. Never send money to someone you weren’t expecting over email
  6. Ensure your passwords are all strong- a good password should have 12 characters, capital and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters e.g. $%@
  7. Never click on links in unexpected emails, be wary if you are asked to enter your password or bank details

To protect your money and information follow our advice so you’re not caught out:


For more information visit our Cyber Hub page.