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07 July 2017 


Police officers recognised for outstanding bravery

Two police officers who saved a family from a burning building in Bedford have received an award for outstanding bravery. Bravery awards


PCs Iesha Martin and Karen Jarman were presented with the Act of Outstanding Bravery Award at the Bedfordshire on Sunday Local Heroes Awards yesterday evening (Thursday).


On 1 June the Bedfordshire Police officers were following a car which was driving erratically when it stopped in Harpur Street - the driver had been alerted to a fire and was racing to help.


The officers got to work straight away, forcing entry to the property and helping a family of five and their dog down from the fourth floor flat which was on fire.


They continued to go above and beyond the call of duty by visiting a nearby charity shop to get clothes and shoes for the people they had rescued. PD Finn and Sebire


PCs Martin and Jarman fought off stiff competition for their award - including colleagues PC Dave Wardell and Police Dog Finn who were nominated after they were stabbed during a police chase.


Speaking after the awards ceremony, PC Jarman said: "It’s been an absolute honour to be here in the first place and when were heard our names read out we were absolutely gob-smacked. It’s fantastic to be recognised.


“It was a really good event, it was humbling to listen to the stories of all the other people nominated for awards - they’re all an inspiration.”


PC Martin had only been on duty for eight weeks at the time of the incident. She said: “We helped around five people get out of the flat, as well as the family dog. It was the first time I have ever had to break in a door on duty. We just acted on instinct.”


Assistant Chief Constable Jackie Sebire attended the awards ceremony. She said: “It was humbling to see so many people working for the greater good of Bedfordshire and there were some really moving stories throughout the evening.


“I am so proud of PCs Martin and Jarman, they showed exceptional bravery, putting their own lives on the risk to help others, and I am delighted that their outstanding efforts have been recognised. They are a credit to Bedfordshire Police and to Bedfordshire as a whole.”


The Bedfordshire Police Community Cohesion team were also shortlisted for an award - they received certificates for their efforts in keeping the community safe, but missed out on the main award to firefigher Lorraine Moore.

Community COhesion