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Proactive Disclosure

In this section we will be publishing the categories of information which are most frequently requested under FOI. If the information you seek is contained within this section, it will remove the need for you to submit a request.

This list will be added to over time, and the information will be updated on an annual basis. 


Business Interests Register

The Business Interests Register is completed by all police officers with second jobs or additional business interests. It includes the type of business and the number of staff registering this type of interest, but not to a level which would identify an individual. The list will be updated annually from April 2010.

View the register

Officer Conviction Information
Details of the criminal convictions of officers employed by Bedfordshire Police have been published here. The list will be updated annually from April 2010.

View the register

Register of Gifts & Hospitality
The Register of Gifts and Hospitality is updated annually (from the 1st April 2009)

View the Register 2007/08 and 2008/09

View the Register 2009/10

View the Register 2010/11

View the Register 2012/13

View the Register 2012/14


Asset Registers And Information Asset Register

Sponsorship Arrangements with Businesses
The Force Register of Sponsorship is published annually and includes the type of business, value of sponsorship and whether goods, funds or goods/funds. The list will be updated annually from April 2010.

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Availability: Website, Post

Cost: Free

Force Establishment and Ethnicity
This data contains information about the force establishment strength, broad Force Ethnicity. This information will be updated quarterly from April 2010.

Bedfordshire Police - Establishment By Ethnicity

Information Sharing Agreements
This section provides details of agreements we have with partner agencies on the sharing of information.

Pay Bandings for Police Staff.
This section provides details of the latest pay bandings.  

Police Officer pay bandings

Police Staff pay bandings

Fees and Charges
This section provides details of the rates that Bedfordshire Police may charge for services.

View fees and charges

This section sets out the procurement procedures, details of contracts currently being tendered the list and value of contracts. 

Below are links to sites that Bedfordshire Police use or refer to when running procurement exercises:


OGC Buying Solutions: www.online.ogcbuyingsolutions.gov.uk

Bluelight (Pro-contract): http://www.bluelight.gov.uk/

BLPD: http://www.blpd.gov.uk/

Constructionline: www.constructionline.co.uk

NPIA: http://www.npia.police.uk/en/7067.htm

ESPO: www.espocatalogue.org

Supply 2 Gov: www.supply2.gov.uk

Europa: http://europa.eu/index_en.htm


Below is a link to the list of current contracts (Currently on-hold pending review to incorporate the new collaborated Bed's, Herts and Cambs Procurement Unit):



Civil Litigation

The Force, inevitably, receives a number of claims made by members of its workforce and the public each year.

Breakdown of those claims and costs are provided on a quarterly basis from April 2009.


View the claims from April 2009 to July 2010

View the claims from August 2010 to October 2010



Details of the locations of overt CCTV surveillance cameras operated by the police force.


Safety Camera Information

This section provides details of Safety Camera Prosecution data arising from each permanent or long term* temporary fixed camera sites within Bedfordshire and Luton:

View the Safety Camera Prosecution Data 2012

View the Safety Camera Prosecution Data 2011

View the Safety Camera Prosecution Data 2010


The camera total of prosecutions recorded in Bedfordshire and Luton resulting from Camera Enforcement, including the disposal method for each:

View the Total of Safety Camera Prosecutions 2012

View the Total of Safety Camera Prosecutions 2011

View the Total of Safety Camera Prosecutions 2010


Bedfordshire and Luton Casualty Figures 2009-2013 (inc)


In addition, Calibration Certificates and the training records for safety camera operators:

View the Fixed Calibration Certificates

View the Mobile Calibration Certificates

View the Safety Camera Operators Training Records


* Long term is defined as temporary cameras which have been installed for a period of 6 months or more